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Rock Bottom University enrollment
Rock Bottom University enrollment

Rock Bottom University enrollment

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For one time only this year, this special is being offered to accommodate the many requests received for another class. BEGINS THE 1ST SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER!!

This is an intensive course available as 1 wk or 4 wk cohort that provides coaching in establishing and elevating a plan of action for achieving specific goals.

In this course, you will receive:

  • MasterMind group (access to resources and contacts)
  • PSLF resources and hacks 
  • interactive planner
  • Mindset inventory activities 
  • Habit analysis
  • Resource management tools
  • Execution Strategies & Tips

Successful completion of this course provides “jump the line” privileges for an exclusive membership and access to opportunities to build additional income streams as well as provide information that helps increase the chances of loan forgiveness.