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About us


Formerly known as Geechie Gurl but still Geechee at heart. Growing requires change and that is just what I've done. I'm just a gurl from Charleston, SC who has dreams bigger than her childhood zip code.

Okra is slimy and unappealling but very flavorful when cooked right! Okra Soup Truth is the uncomfortable but necessary conversations that help us grow if we are patient and open enough to receive the delicious message. My Truth? This picture was taken in the middle of me being homeless. My circumstances do not dictate my determination to WIN.

We've all attended a few classes at Rock Bottom University and revisit that curriculum until we have learned to do and be better.

Life lessons that guide us and, on occasion, kick us when we need an extra push towards being our greater and higher Self. So no matter where you're from or where you are, believe in where you can go!

Enjoy the moments and share our products with your family and friends...and even the people you don't like so they can get their sh*t together! Ha!


And as always...thank you for your business!