Drive Bys

Drive Bys

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Every occasion deserves some type of memorable moment. Let us create that for you! Book the Bus for a Drive By where we set up and serve prearranged treats for your block complete with music and gifts for guests. HOA's need us in their rolodex!

Have a Senior you want to celebrate during the pandemic? Have a house full of students who have been doing their best on remote learning? Need a pat on the back for managing to keep it together while Zooming, cooking, and enduring TikTok choreography? Let us Drive By and bring some confetti and delicious food.

Link for Free 10 minute consultation to establish availability will be sent to your email. Rates start at $150 for one hour with a 2 hour maximum and $20 nonrefundable booking fee will be deducted from your balance. Invoice must be paid within 48 hrs to reserve Drive By.

**all measures for social distancing as recommended by CDC will be followed**