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4 Keys Planner
4 Keys Planner

4 Keys Planner

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Volume 1- The 90 day undated daily scheduler for those who are seriously interested in results and not rhetoric.

Certified Life Coach Erica Alcox gives clarity and guidance on how to navigate through the noise of self doubt and destructive criticism from others.  90 days of motivation, tough love, and ACTION sprinkled among the pages to get you through those moments when you question your ability to be all that you envision.

Undated so you can start on your own where you are and still take advantage of the whole book. There's no law saying you can only do better starting in January.

Daily so you can focus on THAT day and not the whole doggone month. Perfect supplement for all the great monthly planners out there.

This is a follow up to her debut ebook OkraSoup Truth for Your Spirit where she gives authentic and real life pearls of wisdom to assist you on your  path to accomplishing milestones through adversity and life's obligations.