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We're #FamousNotFamous!!

Can you believe we went viral? Ok so our logo was cropped off of our original post but Rickey Smiley shared our content!

Well anyway, I want to shout out my son Nick for sending the greedy text that inspired my declaration of independence from his bottomless pit of a gastrointestinal system and the now viral #InSchoolStomach. I was simply trying to hide in our garage with no bra on for a moment of peace and this happens.

We've enjoyed the ride so far and even decided to turn it into a challenge to help feed a few families as childhood hunger is no laughing matter. As a solo parent, not to be confused with a single parent, I have this dilemma more times than not while trying to make ends meet and making sure his needs are handled. I'm certain that is why the post went viral. EVERY PARENT CAN RELATE! Is their stomach not the same stomach that has discipline from August to May inside of the sacred schoolhouse? I need thee to exert that same intestinal dedication during the summer months! lol

We are here to have fun and we hope to have you join in the challenge to win $50 in snacks for the summer! Enter by reading the simple rules on our Instagram .

Winner announced July 4th! 

Have fun and keep the good snacks hidden in your car because you deserve not to share those!